Thank you to our Allies in Energy!

We are still buzzing from the energy at our inaugural Allies in Energy Executive Forum held yesterday (February 26th, 2020)! You could feel the excitement in the room throughout the entire event – especially when the conversations about our industry and inclusion were happening. The dialogue that happened not only focused on female representation and leadership in organizations but diversity within organizations and how we, as individuals, can change the status quo. By the end of the conversation it felt as if there was a call to arms for each of us to take responsibility to fight for more equal representation of genders within organizations and to further support our energy industry. One me

Allies in Energy

Allies in Energy Executive Forum Aimed at “Building Trust & Community in a Challenged Industry” is Officially Sold Out! The inaugural Allies in Energy Executive Forum, presented by Calgary Women in Energy, will be held on Wednesday, February 26, from 3:00 pm -7:00 pm at the Calgary Petroleum Club, with a panel of executive female Energy industry leaders with the goal of building trust and community in a challenged industry. This event was officially sold out after only 2 weeks. Calgary Women in Energy (CWiE) is proud to present the Allies in Energy executive forum. It will be a powerful afternoon focused on connecting professionals that form part of our inclusive Energy community. An elite

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